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Health Checkups


Health check-ups can identify, prevent, and lessen the adverse effects of disease. Like getting your car serviced before long term damage occurs, having a regular health check can prevent and detect problems at an early stage to help you manage or eliminate them entirely. Regular health check-ups help your Doctor to better understand your medical and family history and lifestyle to help you lead a more active and healthier life.


Having a regular health check-up is important at every stage of life. They allow earlier treatment of disease and provide better outcomes. A visit with your General Practitioner can help identify areas of your lifestyle that can be improved to stay on the right track. Checkups help you understand your health needs, priorities, concerns, potential health risk factors and what you can do to avoid them.


During your 20s and 30s, it’s important to go for regular health check-ups to monitor and check your blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels, BMI, skin and breast cancer, and make sure you are having regular dental check-ups and cleaning. It is also important to get yourself checked for any sexually transmitted diseases along with a pap smear every two years for women.


During your 40s, along with the above, it is important to go for a cardiovascular risk assessment, mammogram, type 2 diabetes risk assessment, and eye checks for possible glaucoma.


During your 50s and 60s, in addition to all this, it is important to get regular health check-ups regarding osteoporosis risk assessment, bowel cancer screening, and visual tests along with hearing impairment tests.


During your 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, regular visits to your Doctor is important to continue monitoring your health to support an active and healthy lifestyle.


The Queensgate Medical Centre team of Doctors are committed to providing the highest quality of health care to the Perth community. Queensgate Medical Centre provides various services including; childhood immunisations, travel vaccinations, mole removal, skin cancer checks, mental health consultations, diabetic care plans, iron infusions, sports medicine and family planning.​










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