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Dr Karen Majda
About Me

Originally from Scotland, I graduated from UWA with a First Class Honours degree in Science (Human Biology of course!) then went on to study Medicine graduating in 1993. I did residency at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospitals and Princess Margaret Hospitals before beginning my journey as a General Practitioner attaining my Fellowship from the royal Australian College of GPs in 1996.

I believe we all have a role in educating our future medical colleagues and to that end I am a medical educator for both Notre Dame Medical Students and Doctors in training with RACGP.


Our journey

Dr Richa Singh and I founded Queensgate Medical Centre in 2015 and have since been joined by a team of highly qualified local graduate GPs, Registered Nurses looked after by an efficient Admin Team.  Amongst other services at the Queensgate building is the Queensgate Psychology and Specialist Centre located on the 2nd floor. We would be keen to welcome you to our clinic soon if we haven’t had the pleasure yet.

What I love about being a GP:

The reason I chose this amazing branch of Medicine is that in one day, I may treat a newborn baby with feeding issues, a 4-year-old with developmental issues, a teenager with anxiety and depression, a middle-aged man with diabetes as well as a great-grandmother with memory issues. I have experience and interests in all aspects of healthcare and feel very privileged to be part of the life journey of those who chose to consult me.  I am always prepared to provide advice, treatment, a laugh, and a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough.


Health is our DNA

My Family are a lot of support and keep me grounded, particularly my husband who is a Senior Clinical Social Worker at SCGH.  You could say that Health is in our DNA with our oldest Daughter being a Senior Paediatric Registrar, our Son being a Personal Trainer, and our youngest Daughter is a Registered Nurse.  The most fun role I have though is being “Nanna” to two little Granddaughters (definitely easier than being “Mum”).

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